About Us


 Walking The Dogs, LLC is a small personalized dog walking and pet sitting company. 


Walking The Dogs, LLC began in 2007 with an idea and a dream. I love dogs, love being outside, and exercising. It seemed like a great job while my kids were in school! I believed if anyone loved their dog half as much as I loved my nutty corgi, (who was the love of my life, it's OK, my husband knows) they would want the best care for their family dog too.

The demand for good quality pet care was much larger than I imagined. It was surprising to realize how many people also needed cat care, or needed care from someone knowledgeable about senior cats, or those with health issues. I had decades of cat care experience, including my own cats who had needed involved medical care. This seemed like a great fit as well! 

Thirteen years and hundreds of pets later, we are still going strong! We now have a dedicated team of pet care professionals ready to serve your pet care needs! 

After years as a military spouse, stay at home mom, pet lover, and career volunteer, I had the relationships in place to reach out to other people to help create a dynamic team of dedicated pet care lovers! I knew people in my circle who were fellow pet lovers, mostly moms, likewise military spouses, and volunteers.  They had in common they were caring people I knew I could count on, eager to learn more about pet care, and rooted in their communities. Our team of pet care specialists began to take shape.

We want to provide the best possible service we can for your pets and your family. We strive to stay current on animal behavior issues, changes in trends for pet care, animal health and well being, and training.  

We want to help make owning pets easier for you. Whether you need a work day dog walk, or  weekend vacation pet sitting. We want to be here for you. We want to help you and your family  know your pets are in the best possible hands when you can not be home.

 Your furry family member will be our priority, ALWAYS. 


We pride ourselves on a great customer care experience, from your first contact with us, whether scheduling dog walks, or pet sitting visits. We will be responsive to your changing needs. You will be able to reach us when you need to. We have scheduling staff available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week just an email away, to take requests for service, arrivals home from a trip, or to answer questions. We want to provide a model concierge pet care service, as well as the best possible pet care you will find.


Your pet will be cared for by an adult professional pet sitter. We take the care we provide for your pet very seriously. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for your pet. Our staff is trained, back ground checked by ADP, and will care for your pet as if they were their own.

We hold regular staff meetings for our team, and additionally have professionals in our industry come to speak to our staff,  dog trainers and animal first aid specialists to help us stay current on animal related issues.

In home pre- visit consultations

We schedule an initial in-home consultation to meet you and your pet before we begin service at no charge. We want to see your pet(s) in their surroundings, meet you and your pet, and understand their routine and your needs for service. 

We want you to feel comfortable with your new dog walker or pet sitter, and be pleased with the services we will provide for you and your pet. 

Once we begin service, we will set up a time schedule that conveniently fits your pet's routine. We will leave a daily note in your home to let you know about your pet's adventures that day. We will have open communication with you to assure we will provide optimal care for your pet(s).  

Your pet(s) will be cared for by one primary professional dog walker or pet sitter, who you will meet in your initial pet care meeting. You will also have, and be introduced to, one back-up or partner pet care provider who will be on your professional pet care team. It is important to us that you meet, and are comfortable with the pet care providers who will be working with your pet(s).  

We are available to discuss your pet's changing needs by email or phone. We customize our service for each pet we serve.  

We offer workday dog walks of varying lengths, and also provide dog and small animal sitting services for all types of animals; dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, ferrets, lizards, and birds (members on our team who have expertise in each area). We have successfully cared for them all! 


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