Walking the Dogs, LLC
We Make Owning Pets Easier
Fee Schedule: 
We offer personalized pricing packages in addition to our standard rates:

Daily Walks about a 25 minute visit (includes a 15-20 minute walk)                                                                                                     One dog   $18
                                                                                                               Two dogs $20
Extended Walks longer walk, longer visit (includes a 25-28 minute walk)                                                                                      One dog   $20
                                                                                                                Two dogs $22
Puppy Training for six months and younger - 2 walks per day, two potty breaks and feeding
One dog    $19 per visit 
                                                                                             Two dogs  $21 per visit
Vacation Pet Sitting Services for Dogs

We recommend three visits per day for most dogs. We visit your dog every six to six and a half hours during the day and your pet won't go longer than eleven hours overnight without a break.
                                                                                               One dog    $19 per visit
                                                                                               Two dogs $21 per visit

We provide attention, feeding, and a walk for your pet(s) each visit. Additionally, we provide a "lived-in" look at your home while you are away by picking up the mail and paper, turning lights on and
off, and light plant watering.

Cat Visits and Other Small Animals
(Cats, Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Fish)
Once or twice a day visits, your preference. This includes feeding, litter scooping, mail and paper pick up, and light plant watering.                        
                                                                Cats and most other pets $17 per visit

House Only Visits

We will do a walk-through of your home as often as you like while you are traveling. We know clients sometimes travel for long periods of time taking their pets with them. We will rotate on/off lights if desired, remove newspapers, alert you to any excess yard debris or storm damage, check basements for potential flooding, and provide light plant watering.

                                  Call Felicia at (703) 473-9768 or email   

Cash, Checks and Major Credit Cards Accepted
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